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Yuletide letter

Dear Author,
hi! I’m really looking forward to your story. I adore all of these canons, and fic for them is extremely rare, so, seriously, anything you write will delight me and be a great service to society.

Some specific things I really enjoy:
- different setting AUs: both the mundane kind - coffeeshops! highschoolers! musicians! – and the fantastic kind – fangs! space! For some reason, I am particularly into gladiator AUs these days.
- rescue scenes, both by despairing friends/lovers and by kind strangers
- kneeling. Formal kneeling! Oral sex kneeling! Collapsing with exhaustion kneeling! Oh-no-this-is-embarrassing-we-are-all-equals-here thwarted kneeling!
- pain! I love it in both hurt/comfort contexts and kink contexts.

Some things I would rather not read for these canons:
- non-con, including past trauma
- jealousy, infidelity, extended unrequited pining
- contemporary prison or military AUs, or particular focus on military/police training

In general, I like fic that focuses on characters and relationships, or on the social aspects of worldbuilding. Character studies delight me, and so do tropefics. Porn is welcome but absolutely not required. I enjoy reading about intimacy – characters having a strong connection (platonic or romantic, doesn’t matter) which helps them resist whatever awful things they have to face.

My requests this year are:
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous(2005): Sam Fuller, Gracie Hart
Prince of Silk and Thorns – Cherry Dare: Alar (Prince of Silk and Thorns) Garrin (Prince of Silk and Thorns)
Werewolf Marines – Lia Silver: Dale “DJ” Torres, Echo (Werewolf Marines)
Chester 5000 XYV – Any character

Click for optional details and some rambling about what I love about these canons and characters.Collapse )


OKAY there's new people in this bar and I wanted to be all profound and informative, but, you know, whatever, it's sunday and it's warm outside and let's just talk in the comments.

How is everyone, how was your week, and here's a meme I stole from boosette  <3:

tropes!Collapse )

the lucky fact of your existence

Hi dear flist! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying whatever weather you're given. I also hope haven't had your soul slain by last week's GoT episode. I didn't either, but it was a near thing, and if anyone has a rant for me, I will gladly bask in it.

I kind of flunked on completing the last two memes I posted; in my defense I was battling a deathcough and a venomous history exam, in that order. I still did not defeat the latter, but, you know, whatever, let's do another meme, this one stolen from wordsofastory

Choose numbers!

1. of the fic you’ve written, which are you most proud of? FILLED
2. favorite tense (past/present/future)
3. favorite POV (first/second/third/etc) FILLED
4. what are some themes you love writing about? FILLED
5. what inspires you to write?  FILLED
6. thoughts on critique FILLED kind of self-consciously, oh well
7. create a character on the spot..... NOW! - FILLED, I am pretty proud of the ficlet that happened, I might post this later actually and then FILLED AGAIN with a Leverage thing
8. is there a character you love writing for the most? the least? why? FILLED but kind of flakily
9. a passage from a WIP FILLED IN TRIPLICATE
10. what are your strengths wrt writing?
11. what are your weaknesses wrt writing?
12. what’s your favorite place for writing resources?
13. who are your favorite writers?
14. anything else that you want to know XD

I have had a fairly successful writing streak lately, so this meme pleases me particularly!

bringing sexy back

Because this was the best meme ever and also I have so many glorious new fandoms (Ben January! Sleepy Hollow! Seirei no Moribito! bits of Teen Wolf apparently, god help me. and lots more) , and also because wordsofastory has the best ideas

1. Comment with any character you know I've written.
2. Receive three bits of trivia about their sexuality: practices, preferences, experiences, fantasies, kinks, etc.
3. Profit!
Hey flist! / dcircle! There is nothing I love half as much as a writing meme - so I have stolen this one from [personal profile] moetushie ! I've randomised 10 songs and chose lyrics from each - your job is to pick a number and a character (or ship) (or friendship) (or assortment of characters)  and receive a drabble! Some of my fandoms are listed here and any character or ship from them is welcome.

1. You can tear her temple down / But she'll be back and rule again (Tito and Tarantula: After Dark)

2. Excuse me sir, am I your daughter? (Pretty Reckless: Under the Water)

3. Come unstrap your broken wings / And tell me of your favourite things (Noe Venable: Alcina's Things)

4. And I can be cool, soft as the breeze, / I'll be a hurricane, ripping up trees! (Grace Jones: Hurricane / Cradle To The Grave)

5. To be victorious / You must find glory in the little things (Janelle Monáe: Victory)

6. I'm not the man I used to be / And what you see is not what it seems (The Stranglers: See Me Coming)
[Note: I've heard it lots of times but I literally just realised this is a song about the Count of Monte Cristo???? Goddammit Stranglers.]

7. All my friends are fuck-ups but they're fun to have around (Whitlams: You Sound Like Louis Burdett)
Fill: Lord of the Rings; Merry & Pippin

8. A heart of stone, a smoking gun / I can give you life, I can take it away (Bloc Party: Banquet)

9. In your hair there is a symphony / Your lips, a string quartet (Janelle Monáe: BaBopByeYa)

10. The drawing in my binder every picture I put a halo on your head (Frank Ocean: Standing Still)</user>

the stars came falling on our heads

Dearest flist - happy 2014!! Hope you are all well and will have a better (or even better) year than the last one.

My New Year was phenomenal. I saw the Desolation of Smaug and adored it beyond all reason (I love Tauriel and her lovelife and may - juuuuust may - kinda ship Freeman's semi-evil tax-collector Bilbo with Cumberbatch's drama queen Smaug) (like) (my teenage purist self would shiver in horror) (if any of you have seen it - I'd love to discuss it). I also spent most of last week swimming in a sprawling volcanic thermal lake with soot and waterlilies.

Before that was a truly beautiful Christmas. Flist, flist, I got seven stories. And they are all glorious and thus I shall link them for your pleasure. [my extremely insightful and not at all biased commentary in brackets!]

Metropolis Suites - Janelle Monáe fics:
105.5 Alive
(500 words) by jessalae
Summary: A few words of wisdom from everyone's favorite robotic hypnotic psychotic DJ.
[SUCH a glorious exploration of a dystopian DJ's morality and politics - and written by a friend! She was sneaky and I had no idea. This is basically the fic I wish I had the skill to write.]
it ain't our fault if we never heard it
(472 words) by kristin
Summary: There are rumors now, whispers passed in subconnections too low from humanoid ears. They say she is coming.
[This one is about the messiah Cindi and the effect she leaves on the people she passes by. Haunting and grand!]

Subnormality (Web Comic) fic:
Last-Minute Gift Shopping (1187 words) by Aris Merquoni
Summary: Ethel takes a look in the No Bullshit Emporium. It's Christmas Eve and they're open until midnight.
[A Christmas story about friendship, social anxiety and courage and compassion. Read it! Even if you don't know the canon! It's beautiful.]

Boy Meets World fics:
Risk Perception (1112 words) by jenbug
Summary: Shawn gets an unexpected surprise when he shows up at Cory and Topanga's house for Riley's birthday party.
[A really bittersweet lovely future fic, particularly great if you're fretting about Girl Meets World and how it may affect canon.]
Heart of the Sunrise (801 words) by WickedWonder
Summary: It's been years. Shawn and Angela are ready.
[The one with jackets and ducks and dashing fistfights; for the saps out there (like me!). I cannot stress the dashing fistfights enough.

Untamed - Anna Cowan fics:
The daughters of d'Artagnan (1789 words) by Aja
Summary: And this is how we come together.
[A hilarious and fascinating (and very warm/sharp) story about crossdressing and one of my favourite Regency families. ♥ Also great if you're looking for a fic about sisters.]
All the Daughters of My Father's House (3103 words) by Brigdh
Summary: After their marriage, Kit and Jude find they need to bring Lady Rose back.
[This fic is beautiful and sensuous and all about compassion and self-image and patience for the people we love. And orgasm. Also written by a friend and all my friends are apparently genius stealthy sneaks and I love them for it.]


Dear Yuletide Writer!

Hi. I am so so glad you're writing for me! These are canons I am passionately in love with - and, for the most part, they're canons with very little fic. Thus, you can basically do no wrong! I shall give you my general and specific preferences, and will blather about what I love about each of the canons. Disregard at will! I'm also leaving anon commenting on, so you can always contact me if you'd like to know somehting.

I am a big fan of love stories or strong-friendship stories. Also stories that are about how the setting/events in canon influence the lives of minor or original characters. Also porn (especially if it's kinky somehow - I like basically all kinks? As long as everyone involved is enjoying them), and fluff (particularly for characters who lead difficult lives), and banter in any situation. So you have a lot to work with! In general, I tend to care more about characterisation than plot, and more about details than overall coherence.

Some further things that please me particularly:
- physical hurt/comfort: bruises! scars! dashing rescues!
- kindness: particularly when society discourages it, particularly when it leads to unexpected/forbidden friendships or romances.
- AUs and trope-fics: particularly space opera AUs, fantasy AUs, different eras - I love the character-exploration you can do when you change the setting.
- rebels!
- kneeling: I don't care if it's incidental or formal, it always makes me happy

Some things I'd rather not read:
- unrequited love, jealousy and miscommunication
- contemporary military or prison settings. (I am okay with dungeons! Knights! Space captains! Pirates! But contemporary prisonfic and armyfic just do not do it for me.)
- characters who're supposed to like each other being unnecessarily nasty or condescending toward each other

I have no triggers, but I'd appreciate warnings for character death and non-con. It's cool if your fic gets dark, but I'd prefer happy or ambiguous endings rather than entirely hopeless ones.

Onto the specific fandoms: Untamed, Subnormality, Metropolis Suites, Boy Meets World, Benjamin January mysteriesCollapse )


dancing with the freaks in the trees


My birthday was a while ago, and apparently being 24 means you get the best combination of gifts and greetings in your life.

Now, the gift that is relevant to your interests is the three-obscure-canons crossover fic that my egelantier wrote me. It's titled When True Colors Will Bleed, and you can read it here. It's about forgiveness, sacrifice, grief, morality and loyalty, and it's completely beautiful, and surprising, and grand in a way that is rare in fic. There is whipping scene, also. The two main characters are Eliot from Leverage and Nezumi from No. 6, so if you care about either of them (or like the idea of Parker and Hardison as righteous royalty), you should read this. You should also read it if you're unfamiliar with any of the canons, because it works perfectly well as original fic.

I'd intended to write meta on it - IT IS SO GOOD, OKAY, and has themes that interest me a lot - but instead I wrote a short coda, which is here. It's about Shion and Nezumi. I think I will eventually add a chapter about the Leverage cast as well.

At the moment, though, I'm trying to write Sleepy Hollow fic. Sleepy Hollow is made of joy and loveliness, and I keep daydreaming of writing long tropey fic in its honor.  I'm working on Crane/Jenny at the moment (I ship basically everybody with everyone? Except Luke, nobody likes Luke. Well, Captain Irving might like Luke, actually, I'd be okay with that, but only if it was the kind of D/s where Captain Irving tops him in a strict and sarcastic kind of way.) 

Sheep of Autumn

O dear flist, how are you? I have been away, and will for the most part continue to be away. And autumn, for the most part, sucks. But I've missed talking to you! Tell me all your random happenings, your hopes and dreams and your feelings about Sleepy Hollow. As an ice breaker, I've stolen this meme from wordsofastory

The Last Thing meme.
What was the lastCollapse )